Heavy Duty Adjustable 4ft x 8ft Overhead Garage Storage Ceiling Rack


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Category: Backdrop Stands, Storage Ceiling Rack
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Overhead Garage Storage Ceiling Rack FEATURE 

This garage ceiling storage rack can hold up to 1,000 Lbs of gear while maximizing the garage space at 92 cubic feet. Easy to install in dry wall storage rack or directly installed in the ceiling of the garage. Height and length are adjustable. Strong powder coated steel structure.

The height can be adjusted between 19 and 35 inches. The length can be adjusted between 4feet and 8 feet to meet your various needs for storage space.

Maximize garage space is 92 cubic feet. Minimum garage space is 18 cubic feet.

We have two legs in the middle of this rack for heavy duty, so this rack has six legs. All legs are adjustable. The item including all hardware and instruction book. Tools needed: Pencil, Drill Bit, Tape Mesuer, Stud Finder, Ladder, Safety Glasses, Wreach, Rubbr Mallet, Scredrive, Gloves.

We have an instructon video at youtube the name is “BigBear Overhead Storage Rack Installation Instructions”

WOOD BOARD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SET. This Product does not come with wood board or wire decks. Customer needs to purchase these materials separately. We recommends 3/8” thick wood board.

How it Works:How it Works: As you can see in the picture, our products do not need wire decking. This product does not contain any wooden boards, the customer needs to buy it separately, this product only needs you to install it on the ceiling correctly and we have a complete installation instruction. When you finish the installation you will find it is a perfect storage solution.

Heavy Duty:Our product is made of high strength steel 3/32 inch thick. This steel has an irregular shape, ensuring that it can be worked by a heavy duty performance. A strong coating does not corrode easily. Safety and heavy duty products are provided for your garage. The six-leg design guarantees about 1,000 Lbs of carrying capacity. In addition, we use high-strength hexagon head pull screws. Our screw size is 5/16 “x3”.

Benefits: Wire decking is inconvenient when moving small items or boxes, which is why we give it up. Wood boards don’t have this problem and they are affordable. Our product has many holes in it and its size can be adjusted from 4ft x 4ft to 4ft x8ft. So you can adjust the size to create your own storage space. We have provided the complete instruction and all the accessories. It is simple, efficient and now the most affordable ceiling rack on the market.

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