LED 3D Dance Floor With Flight Case【13FTx13FT】


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  • In-build 60 lighting effects with remote control, amazing effects for events/weddings/club/dance club/bar
  • Buy Dance Floor Get Flight Case For Free


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Category: Led Stand, Neons, NEW ARRIVAL

Package Include

  • 64 x 3D LED Panels (50cmx50cm)
  • 6 x DC12V 400W Power With Plug
  • 1 x SD Controller
  • 32 x ABS Edges (50CM)
  • 8 x Flight Cases(Free)
  • Manuals


  • Voltage: AC90-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 20V
  • LED Qty: 84pcs SMD5050 3IN1
  • Controll: SD control with remote
  • Housing Material: Black Surface
  • Material tempered glass 10mm
  • Support Weight: 500KG/SQ.M
  • Protection Grade: IP65
  • Life span : 50000 hours
  • Size: L500mm x W500mm X H66mm
  • Weigh Capacity: Around 1100LBs


  • Before installation, please be sure to distinguish clearly the ac power input port of lamps and lanterns and the controller signal input port, avoid the wrong line and burn the lamps and lanterns.
  • Floor tile and floor tile to adopt the way of a powerful magnet attraction between the fixed, joining together easily. However, due to the strong magnetic adsorption is not very strong, so in order to strengthen the firm and safety, product also with the “T” type joining together, used in a circle around the periphery of stitching, it is not easy to make floor tile.Please make sure that the client installation.
  • When customers buy our bevel edge, the product can increase the “+” glyph splicing piece Floor tile and bevel edge using plastic splicing shown below: plastic flat out on the ground, half of the card in the bottom of the floor tile, half of the card at the bottom of the hypotenuse.Installation order is: will floor tile slightly raised, put plastic card periphery at the bottom of the floor tile, finally to press the bevel edge on the plastic sheet. This way will not to the “T” glyph splicing piece.Note: The hypotenuse is not the standard objects for the floor, customers need to pay for another.
  • The laying of lamps and lanterns, the starting point to put the SD card controller of lamps and lanterns and power socket as a benchmark.
  • Place the first piece of lamps and lanterns, and connect the power cord and signal lines (avoid signal input and output port position against), orderly arrangement is put in turn.
  • With a fixed base connection between various pieces of lamps and lanterns.
  • Each column of the first piece of lamps and lanterns is connected to external power and signal lines. The same column of lamps and lanterns, connect the power cord after a signal lines and before a signal wire and power cable.
  • A controller can control eight columns, 20 pieces, each column can meet multiple controller to control the effect of the lamps and lanterns can joining together. 8 signal output to a controller according to the order, in turn, connect the corresponding column (that is, the controller signal output end of serial number and arrangement of lamps and lanterns column number)
  • Controller can connect DMX controller, the effect of the lamps and lanterns is controlled by DMX controller


  • Plug in or pull out plug signal and SD card in power up situation are not allowed.
  • Please do not turn on light and SD controller at the same time, it will cause the current to impact SD controller easily.
  • Please do not put the product on the easy-loose or easy-shock place.
  • To avoid the electric shock, please ask the technical people to fix this product.
  • Please do not combine or break up the lights under power on.
  • Please read the user manual and instruction of controllers before using this product.
  • They are not water resistant and not meant to be left outdoors. However, spills from drinks that land on top of the floors are fine. The controls are recessed under the panels so spilling liquids won’t get into the mechanisms or electronic controls. Leaving them outside in the rain could severely damage them.

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